"PD-1000 FAQ 6 - Year 2000 Compliance Statement" by Palmax Technology.
Japanese translation NOT yet done by KIMOTO Go.

PD-1000 FAQ 6 - 西暦2000年対応声明
Award Software 社の EliteBIOS は 1995年5月31日以降の日付のものは 西暦2000年対応です. (以下,原文そのまま.訳者の手抜きです.訳注.) We are pleased to provide you with information about the Award Software EliteBIOS compliance with the Year 2000 issue.

How does EliteBIOS comply with Year 2000 requirements?

Year 2000 compliance deals with the date change-over from 31 December 1999 to 1 January 2000, and with recording and reporting all dates up to 2099. EliteBIOScompliance with Year 2000 requirements means that it correctly handles the change-over from 1999 to 2000, and correctly reads and reports dates beyond Year 2000 from the system real-time clock, including leap year dates.

If your EliteBIOS was released after 31 May 1995, its calendar automatically rolls from 1999 to 2000 at midnight. You don't need to do anything, whether the system is turned on or off at midnight. Just leave the system alone. The BIOS updates your system date code correctly during the power-on self test (POST), so you don't need to reset the clock in CMOS Setup.

Why would there be a problem?

Many of the Year 2000 issues currently receiving attention from the media have causes outside the scope of EliteBIOS source code from Award Software. Problems may arise in two areas:

  1. The operating system or application software cannot handle Year 2000 dates.
  2. EliteBIOS source code from Award Software has been incorrectly modified by a system board manufacturer after it was delivered from Award Software.
What about the NSTL test program?

Ability to pass NSTL test program 2000.exe is not equivalent to Y2K compliance. While EliteBIOS source code released after 31 May 1995 complies with all known Y2K issues, it may fail the 2000.exe test, which accesses system hardware not typically used by real-world applications. Award Software has modified EliteBIOS source code to accommodate the requirements of 2000.exe and other applications that invoke INT1Ah function 04h. EliteBIOS source code issued later than 18 November 1996 passes the NSTL 2000.exe test program. For more information about EliteBIOS Year 2000 compliance, contact Award Software.

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