Hyo-chan, Soy Sauce Container

Collector's item.

Ashinano, Hitoshi. 1998. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Chapter 40. Vol. 5, Page 122, Panel 4.
Ashinano, Hitoshi. 1998. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Chapter 40. Vol. 5, Page 122, Panel 4.

'Hyo-chan' is a soy sauce container that comes with Kiyo-ken's shaomai lunch packs. It is made of ceramic.

two Hyo-chan on a hand

A shaomai is a Chinese-style steamed dumpling. Some Chinese people say that Japanese shaomai are far different from "genuine" Chinese ones.

Kiyo-ken is a Yokohama-based company that sells shaomai and bento lunch packs.

Some people collect Hyo-chan. Old Hyo-chan seem to be real collector's items.

Bigger Hyo-chan

A bigger Hyo-chan

This one looks similar to Ayase's ones. Mine are not rare at all, though.

Smaller Hyo-chan

A smaller Hyo-chan

Smaller ones look slightly different from Ayase's.

Shaomai Lunch Packs

Hyo-chan comes only with Kiyo-ken's shaomai lunch packs. They are not sold separately.

Cheaper shaomai lunch packs come with smaller Hyo-chan. If you want a bigger Hyo-chan, get a pack with a higher price tag.

30 Old-fashioned Shaomai pack 30 Old-fashioned Shaomai 30 pack, wrapped with red paper
'Mukashi nagara no Siumai 30 tsubu iri', 1000 Yen.
"30 Old-fashioned Shaomai Pack", about US$9.

12 Deluxe Shaomai 12 pack 12 Deluxe Shaomai 12, wrapped
'Tokusei Siumai 12 tsubu iri', 1200 Yen.
"12 Deluxe Shaomai Pack", about US$11.


Soy sauce is not rare in Alpha's world. Hyo-chan is.

When you visit Yokohama or Tokyo, don't forget to get a shaomai pack at one of Kiyo-ken's kiosks. I would suggest you bring your YKK book, show and tell them you need a bigger Hyo-chan, not a smaller one.

Kiyo-ken's kiosk, Yokohama station Kiyo-ken's kiosk, Takadanobaba station Kiyo-ken's kiosk, Odakyu Shinjuku station
(Some of Kiyo-ken's kiosks)


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