Allocating Save-to-disk area of Palmax PD-1100

Be Careful with "8.4GB Boundary"

If your disk is larger than 8.4GB, your Save-to-disk partition must be placed within 8.4GB boundary.

If you allocate Save-to-disk partition beyond 8.4GB, performing the Save-to-disk function may corrupt your file system.

It is confirmed with my Palmax PD-1100. It may also apply to Palmax PD-1000, but I'm not sure.

If your disk is not larger than 8.4GB, you can place it at anywhere on the disk.

Save-to-disk is also known as "Suspend to Disk", "Zero Volt Suspending" or "Hibernation".

Example of Corruption

Case 1:

Corrupt 12GB disk

Case 2:

Corrupt 20GB disk

Case 3:

Corrupt 30GB disk


Q. 1

Do you know if this hibernation partition can be placed anywhere on the disk (right at the start, or and the very end)? And - is it possible to repartition a disk using Partition Magic to accommodate this Save-to-Disk partition or is it necessary to start from scratch?

A. 1

Place it at the start.

Don't place it at the very end if your disk is larger than 8.4GB.

You can use PartitionMagic to accommodate this Save-to-Disk partition.

If you do not own PartitionMagic or similar utility, you might need to start from scratch.

Q. 2

Why risk creating a partition with fdisk? It could erase everything you have. Why not choose the 'file' option und save to disk?

I have done that and it works perfectly.

A. 2

'File' option of Save-to-Disk does not work under some configuration with large disks.

You can use 'file' option if it works.

Q. 3

How about Linux?

A. 3

Basically the same. You need INOUE Yoshinari's kernel patch.

Tested Environment

I have tested with:

Palmax PD-1100
128MB of RAM
Windows 98
Fujitsu 12GB disk MHK2120AT
IBM 20GB disk Travelstar 20GN DJSA-220
IBM 30GB disk Travelstar 30GN IC25N030ATDA04

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